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The Peak Atlas SCR is a unique device used to analyze a wide range of thyristor and triac components. The Atlas SCR is connected to the component to be tested by means of three probes, after which it identifies itself whether it is a thyristor or triac and which pins are connected to which probes. It also categorizes the sensitivity of the gate and measures the Gate voltage. The voltage and current needed to test the components are generated from the single AAA battery.
The components that can be analyzed with this device are thyristors and triacs that work with a gate current between 100µA and 90mA and a load current of 100mA.


Peak test current 100 mA
Peak test voltage 12 V
Gate test current 100 µA - 90 mA
Hold test current 90 mA - 120 mA
Division of gate sensitivity 100µA, 1mA, 10mA, 25mA, 35mA, 50mA, 60mA, 75mA, 90mA
Test pulse duration < 0.2 ms
Power supply 1 AAA Alkaline battery
Dimensions 103 x 72 x 20 mm