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The UNI-T UT125C is a competitively priced pocket-sized multimeter. The meter is ideal to use for all standard applications thanks to its small size. Nevertheless, the small UT125C is packed with features, allowing it to measure capacity, continuity, diode testing, frequency and duty cycle in addition to all standard functions. The UT125C is suitable for low currents and can measure both DC and AC. In addition, the test leads are already integrated and a convenient slot has been made in the back to store the probes.


Measuring range and precision
AC CurrentAC Current
DC Voltage1V - 600V (±0.5%+5)
AC Voltage1V - 600V (±1.2%+5)
DC Current1mA - 400mA (±1.8%+5)
1mA - 400mA (±2%+8)
Resistance1MΩ ~ 40 MΩ (±1%+5)
Capacity1µF ~ 100µF (±4%+10)
Frequency1Hz ~ 60kHz (±0.1%+5)
Duty-cycle20% ~80% (Reference)
Other measurements
Overload protection
Automatic Standby
Dimensions 112 x 58 x 35 mm
Weight 180g


The UT125C is delivered including:

  • Batteries
  • User's manual (in English)

Avantages et inconvénients

  • Compact design
  • Well priced
  • Integrated probes
  • Limited current range


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